After Corona: transforming higher education

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The past year has brought changes to higher education. It has brought changes to our thinking about higher education. In a year of pandemic isolation that has affected students and staff alike, COVID-19 has reminded us of the importance of place and social interaction for learning to take place. Educators and students have adapted to new technologies. Students have gone through a year of studying from home, without the support that social contact and campus life offers. Education technologies at our disposal have been better understood by some than others. How we choose them and combine them has been discussed only to a limited extent. How we work with them in a horizon of mutual expectation and understanding remains key to future transformation.

Now towards the end of 2021 we are all reflecting on what permanent changes we might be seeing in higher education? What reflections do we make concerning higher education´s digital future? Will we see a return to an old “normal”? Explore a deeper sense of virtual spaces and forms of immersion? New combinations?

Please join us at the 11th World Learning Summit to explore research, teaching amd learning practises contexualized by questions such as these. World Learning Summits are typically conferences with returning attendees and ample time for small group discussion, offering means of building new networks and getting to know new peers.

WLS 2021 is organized as a digital event.

WLS 2021 editorial Team

Donna Kidwell

CTO, Arizona State University

Vidar Mortensen

CEO, Sunsense

Abit Hoxha

Researcher, University of Agder

Phil Long

Senior Scholar, CNDLS Georgetown University

Judith Molka-Danielsen

Vice President, Molde Universirty College

Josef Rebenda

Assistant Professor, SEITEC

Banani Debnath

MA Student Assistant, University of Agder

Phil Komarny

Vice President of Innovation, Salesforce

Cathy Casserly

Former CEO Creative Commons

Anjum Malik

Hofter Institute, Austin, Texas

Oddgeir Tveiten

Professor, University of Agder

Eilif Trondsen

Nordic Ed Tech specialist

Solomon Kebede

PhD student, University of Agder

Partner Alumni

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