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Education in the context of sustainable development

Crisis? • Conflict? • Climate? • Communication?

October – November online


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Future Learning Lab



In 1990 we talked of a “new world order” where democracy was on the rise globally. 30+ years later we are living through war in Europe and elsewhere, rising societal polarization, new forms of authoritarianism, new uses of old propaganda techniques and a 19th century military “special operation” in Europe – the age of social media and the cell phone.

Questions abound concerning our ability to address and adequately solve contemporary crises: Climate crisis, mobility and refugee crises, hunger, disasters and wars:

Inconvenient truths are not difficult to spot, but how do we reflect on these matters as concerned educators? How should we think about this erosion of trust in relation to challenges in higher education?  The 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer concludes that the rise of social media, mounting political failure to solve crises, and societal fears of failed futures are factors reflected in the bleakest numbers ever recorded in this annual trust survey. 

What challenges for higher education? Our approaches to learning and strategies of inclusion? New technologies — old issues? Higher education´s relevance?  Learning paradigms? Learning designs?

In its 11th year, World Learning Summit will take place as a series of online events during the fall of 2022, with a PRE-SUMMIT on May 25th, inaugurating the program and Call for Book Chapters to be presented and submitted in the fall sessions.

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May 25th program: Please note CEST time zone

14:00 CEST: WLS 2022 Opened
           Dr. Oddgeir Tveiten and Dr. Donna Kidwell, conference chairs
           A recap of last year´s summit • education • transformation

14:20 – 14:50: Contextualizing education futures in an uncertain world – the question of culture and trust in a supercomplex society
           Dr. Mohamad Abdalla: Introductory notes
           Comments from Dr. Muhammad Zuhdi and Dr. Stephen Dobson

15:00 –17:00: Online unconferencing — theme proposals • open innovation
            WLS event planning • catching up • invitations to shape the agenda
            Closing panel: TBA


A SUMMIT, A CALL AND A BOOK: WLS generally takes education´s digital transformation as its point of departure, and so also this year. How might one relate the proposed themes above? How do we configure the coming hybridization of education and learning, education technology and social transformation? 


FROM A PRE-SUMMIT TO A MAIN EVENT: On May 25th WLS stages a 3-hour webinar for those wishing to collaborate on shaping the main WLS 2022 agenda. Five webinars in October and November will address a total of 10 themes that are all related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

RETURNING ATTENDEES FROM ACCROSS 21 TIME ZONES. After a decade of campus-based summits out two last have been online only. Our 2022 summit will be a sequence of separate events, exploring new ways and means of building a network accross the world that can meet and engage meaningfully virtually, by meeting, and in blended forms.


CONFERENCING SINCE 2010: World Learning Summit started out as a small conference in 2010. By 2022 WLS has had attendees from 37 countries on our campus-based events. We seek out educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, managers, education administrators, policy planners and more. The World learning Summit is an annual conference, small enough for effective networking and large enough to matter-

A CALL FOR CHAPTERS FORTHCOMING: Each of the webinars will address  a theme, inviting attendees to register with abstracts and confirmed participation in co-creating a book addressing the main theme of the WLS 2022 summit: The future in education.

Linking our 2017 conference, we will — as then — collaborate to produce a publication.

WLS 2022 organizing Team

Donna Kidwell

CTO, Arizona State University

Vidar Mortensen

CEO, Sunsense

Phil Long

Special adviser, Georgetown University

Josef Rebenda

Assistant Professor, SEITEC

Stephen Dobson

Professor, Victoria University New Zealand

Abit Hoxha

Researcher, Unversity of Agder

Ebba Ossiannilson

Special adviser, ICDE

June Breivik

Section director, Norwegian Ministry of Culture

Phil Komarny

Vice President of Innovation, Salesforce

Cathy Casserly

Former CEO Creative Commons

Oddgeir Tveiten

Professor, University of Agder

Solomon Kebede

PhD student, University of Agder

Partner Alumni

WLS 2022 Conversations
Globalization, mobility and networked society impacting on higher education
Timeless time
Coping with the acceleration of already no time to think and reflect
Sustainable futures
Which one do you prefer? Take your pick, and live with it
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