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October 21st, 2022:

Webinar with Donna Kidwell

An increasing part of our learning, working and living takes place in the digital realm. Implications differ from one institution to the next, and one country to another. How do institutions of higher education adapt to a global, networked and digital eco system? What questions and what challenges are identified? Our coming series of webinars will address issues such as these, four weeks in a row, the first one coming Friday October 21st, at 3-4 PM Oslo (Norway) time (UTC 1+).

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Donna Kidwell is in a unique position to reflect on matters relating to security, trust and institutional transformation, as Chief information security and digital trust officer at Arizona State University. Widely traveled and also from the her former engagement at the University of Texas, Austin, Donna Kidwell has been on the forefront of education´s digital transformation in the United States for a long time. In the coming webinar, she will discuss ongoing projects at Arizona State University, with a particular focus on The challenge of fostering trust in a digital environment: Trust between learners and staff, learners and employers, institutions and work life.

Digital life raises new concerns, creating new requirements and practices. Join us in this webinar to learn more about the strategies behind Arizona State University´s approach to these challenges. After about a 30 minute presentation, there will be ample time for questions and conversation.

Session moderators:

Ebba Ossiannilsson
Oddgeir Tveiten



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