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On Inclusive education

Muhammed Zuhdi

Friday October 28th Professor Muhammed Zuhdi held a wonderful presentation in the 2022 World Learning Summit fall series, on inclusive higher education. For those who have signed up but could not join, please find the video here.

This was the invitation:


What is the meaning of inclusive education in a changing world? What in particular does it mean for تَرْبِيَة (tarbiya) and social justice as Indonesian Muslim Schools increasingly feel the pressure of adopting international curricula? Tarbiya can mean active student participation in their own education, the experience of flourishing and lifelong learning. Relatively little is known outside of the country itself about the manner in which inclusive education is discussed in policy and schooling.

In the latest iteration it is the use of international curricula and assessment offered by Cambridge Assessment and equivalents that has attracted domestic attention. This domestic-facing internationalisation is worth considering as a signifier of inclusive education and raises the question of identity: Islamic, Indonesian and global – what does it mean to be included in the country as a citizen and to have accessible, quality education? Is it to be able to be measured on a national, school and pupil level against other nations? What is Indonesia trying to achieve?

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