World Learning Summit 2023

Speakers WLS 2023

Conference host:
Future Learning Lab
Agder University, Norway

Adah Parris

Futurist, story-teller, cultural strategist and the creator of Cyborg Shamanism, an innovation model drawing parallels between various digital and spiritual ecosystems.

Recognised as one of the UK’s Top 100 Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Leaders in Technology in 2018.

Donna Kidwell

Current Chief Information Secutity and Digital Trust Officer at Arizona State University. Co-founder of the Trusted Learner Network (TLN), exploring new and emerging “technologies of trust,” including identity management, a trusted learner record, reverse transfer with colleges and course credit exchange.

Alexandre Le Voci Sayad

Alexandre currently works in the media and information literacy field as a researcher, practitioner, advocate and professor. He is international co-chairman of UNESCO MIL Alliance and member of the board of the IC4ML (International Council for Media Literacy).

Phil Komarny

Morten Brekke

Currently the Vice President for Education at the University of Agder, his principal research field is mathematics teaching. Morten Brekke is also a “Merited Educator at UiA, the first one to achieve that award. He has been a key member of the MatRIC research center of excellence.

Muhammed Zuhdi

Ebba Ossiannilsson

Independent researcher, expert, consultant and quality auditor in the fields of open, flexible online, and distance learning (OFDL). Her focus is on quality, innovation, leadership, and personalized learning, working primarily at the strategic and policy levels, both nationally and internationally.

June Mariann Breivik

Assistant head of the secretariat of the Norwegian Education Association, her CV includes former jobs as head of e-Teaching at the Norwegian Business School, a period as elementary school principal and a frequently used speaker on matters relating to online and flexible learning.

Thomas Bauer

Professor emeritus at the Department of Communication at the University of Vienna. Former Chair of Audio-visual Media and  over the years developing a working program in Media Culture, Media Literacy Studies, and Media Theory. Specializes in Future Studies, Environmental Communication, Health Communication, Transcultural Dialogue.

Anjum Malik

Morten Rosenvinge

As head of the Media Center at the University of Agder, Morten Rosenvinge is in a unique position to reflect on matters of adaptation to new digital realities in complex organizations such as a university. Mr. Rosenvinge assists in mobilizing resources for a number of cross-cutting projects at UiA.

Marthe Elden Vilhelmsen

PhD research fellow at the department of Global Development and Plannin, where her research focuses on different opinions on climate policies. What are we really talking about when we discuss climate policies? Fields of interest include environment, sociology, communication, improvisation, interactive pedagogical methods.

Carol A. Dralega

Professor of journalism and media studies at the NLA University College, Ms. Dralega specializes in game-based learning. She has several large project on her CV in the field. Originally from Uganda, Ms. Dralega holds a PhD from the University of Oslo. She is a member of several projects to establish new MAand PhD degrees East Africa.

Manisha Mishra

PhD Research Fellow at the UiA Department of Sociology and Social Work, researching individuals who experience frequent migration. Her research aims at providing an alternate perspective to prevailing Eurocentric narratives on so-called “Third Culture Kids”. She has a MA degree in Transcultural Studies from Heidelberg, Germany, and another in Communication Studies from, India.


World Learning Summit 2023


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