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Alexandre Le Voci Sayad

Adopted from LinkedIn

He is currently director of ZeitGeist advisory company and international co-chairman of UNESCO MIL Alliance and member of the board of the IC4ML (International Council for Media Literacy). At ZeitGeist, Sayad coordinates programs and consultancies for private and public schools, companies, governments and non-profit organisations in the whole country, focused on innovation and media literacy.

As a broadcaster, he hosts the TV Show “Idade Mídia” at Canal Futura and “ABC da Notícia”, on the BandNews FM Radio. Sayad is also a columnist for Revista Educação, Canal Futura’s digital platform and author of several books in the field, including “Idade Mídia – A reinvenção da comunicação na escola”. As novelist, he coauthored “A Misteriosa Carta Portuguesa”, with the awarded José Santos.

He is a member of the advisory board of the Educamídia program and cofounder of the Brazilian Association of Educommunication (ABEPDUCOM).

Currently Sayad is a researcher of Artificial Intelligence and Ethics at PUC-SP.

During the last 15 years, he cofounded the organisations based on media and innovation like MEL (Media Education Lab) and MyFunCity (social network focused on municipalities awarded by United Nation’s WSA Mobile). During the same time he also worked as an advisor for social investments of private companies like Claro mobile, B.I International and 141 Soho Square advertisement agency. He has been also working as editor, reporter and columnist of several magazines, websites and radios.

At non-profit sector, Sayad founded and directed Cidade Escola Aprendiz organization (NGO recognized as an innovation experience by Harvard University) and also CEP Network (alliance of Brazilian NGOs focused on MIL and public policies).



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