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The summit theme running through the 2022 spring and fall webinars is education and learning in the context of contemporary societal challenges. Among those challenges we have noted the following: A deteriorating trust in democratic institutions, a mounting climate catastrophe, accelerating refugee crisis, as well as the challenge of critical media literacy in the wake of new global information flows, fake news and misinformation.

Issues such as these and many more suggest on the one hand that understanding the educational challenges requires a wide perspective that takes a diversity of academic fields and issues into consideration. Thereby this book call.

On the other hand, we also acknowledge that in the diversity of institutions of education as well as learning more informally, there is the challenge of articulating emergent patterns, needs, challenges, and solutions. By calling for chapters to the book planned for publication after the 2022 summit webinars, it is our modest hope that we might be able to encapsulate key aspects of these challenges.

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Education in the context of sustainable development

When the Brundtland Commission coined the term ‘sustainable development’ at the presentation of their report Our Common Future in 1987, a very simple proposition was put forth: Sustainable development, sustainable growth, combines protection of the climate and natural resources with the eradication of poverty.

Sow how does this relate to contemporary challenges in global education in the year 2022?




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Oddgeir Tveiten
Cathy Casserly
Ebba Ossiannilsson
Muhammed Zuhdi
Stephen Dobson

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