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Beth Rudden

Adopted from AI for Good

Beth Rudden is a global executive leader with 20+ years of IT and data science experience at global technology company IBM. Since 2022 she has been CEO of her own company Bast.ai where she develops software that allows humans to create their own AI, redefining the experience of the human for our shared future. As of February 2023, she is also on the board of Maryville University, St. Louis, where the following introduction on their website:

Beth began her career at IBM, with the background of technical development and IT architecture. Her growth in data storytelling mixed with her mastery in anthropology paved the way for driving transformation in cognitive science and trusted AI. She transitioned out of her corporate role into other roles that supported her goal of giving back to the innovation community, by designing methodologies that empower humans to thrive in arenas of access and opportunity. She holds a patent that supports the control of access to files and has a deep portfolio of other achievements which supports her ethos of transforming lives through ethical data use.

Building teams, products, and cognitive enterprises with a focus on ethical data use, Beth has a Masters in Anthropology from University of Denver and a Classics (Greek and Latin) Degree from Florida State. She helped design the Data Science Profession in IBM, accredited through Open Group. She has over 40 patents, including the integration of analytic algorithms into information systems to create decision support automation, and cognitive role-based visualizations.

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