WLS 2019 Speakers |

Full List
List under development until summit commencement

Interested in keeping a Stand or organizing a Panel/Workshop? Contact us.

Summit hosts / editors

Oddgeir Tveiten: Professor University of Agder. WLSChair
Donna Kidwell: CTO, Arizona State University, WLS Vice Chair
Keith Devlin: H-Star Institute, Stanford University, WLS Co-Host


June Breivik: Deputy Director, Norwegian Ministry of Culture
Cathy Casserly: Independent consultant, Creative Commons, EdCast
Phil Komarny: VP @ Salesforce, co-founder Robots&Pencils


Janet Walkow: Professor, University of Texas
Truls Berg: CEO Open Innovation Lab of Norway

Stands and posters

Educraftor, Finland
N8 - Nordic Ed Tech Funders Forum, Estonia
Leonardo Initiative, USA
Future Learning Lab, Norway

Workshop organizers

Anjum Malik: CEO Hoft Institute, Al Hambra Chamber
Peter Fagerström: Founder, Educraftor
Märt Aro: Founder, DreamApply, N8

Eilif Trondsen: Silicon Vikings
Kim Wilson: They Will be Giants

Papers for publication

Projects /demos

Per Olav Nyborg: CEO VR Education, Kommuneforlaget
Yngvar Ugland: CEO NewTechLab, DnB

PhD Colloquium presentations & papers

PhD Colloquium hosts
Donna Kidwell, ASU; Cathy Casserly, independent;
Oddgeir Tveiten, UiA, Keith Devlin, Stanford U

Oddgeir Tveiten:
Professor UiA & NLA University College
Future Learning; When is the future, and where does it begin?