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WLS 2023 Calls

WLS 2023 Publication policy

Please review all calls and deadlines below. Deadlines are firm. The review process is double blind for all paper categories. The review panel is interdisciplinary, with a social science and humanistic orientation. When in question, the panel will add members from other fields.

Reviews for workshops and panels are conducted by the event team and advisory board. When suggesting workshops and panels there is a requirement to confirm the WLS attendance of all named workshop/panel members, within the deadline. Lack of confirmation will result in cancellation of approved abstract.

One output of WLS 2023 will be summit proceedings on a meriting publication platform with both paper-based and online publication. The publication will be out within the year 2023. All approved submissions will be invited for inclusion. However, inclusion is optional: Paper authors are free to pursue other means of publishing their WLS presentations.

All abstracts will be published. All workshop and panel reports will be published. Paper submission will be entered for a competitive award.

Funders and sponsors of the summit will be duly presented.

Calls and deadlines at a glance

World Learning Summit 2023

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