Our original dates for World Learning Summit were May 27-29th. In light of the uncertainties with the Corona-pandemic, we are not sure whether we will be able to host the summit again this fall. In the meantime we will try to build a digital alternative. Join our network to help make this happen. 

Tune in to the World Learning Summit virtual community

As we wait for the Corona-pandemic to pass, the community behind the World Learning Summit will try to offer other ways and means to keep building our community. Speakers intended for the conference will be invited to talk at webinars. You can find the original summit program here. We are building a podcast series and we will try to update with open conversations free for anyone to join. 

We would love to hear from you. Ideas for podcasts and webinars, blogposts, discussion topics and other feedback: Please forward your ideas and we will include what we can in future reporting on this website. 


“If you´re through learning, you´re through”

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