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Our original dates for World Learning Summit were May 27-29th. In light of the continued uncertainties with the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision is to stage a digital WLS 2020. Join our network to help make this happen. 

Beyond Corona: Moving forward with the digital transformation of education and learning

The spring of 2020 was an extraordinary time with COVID-19 lock-downs and restrictions on human interaction that no one saw coming. As we move into the fall of 2020 and beyond, the pandemic is not over, by far. And beyond it is the question of future unforeseen obstacles to the movement of people, ideas and learning. 

In education, at all levels, countries around the world reacted differently to the fact of COVID-19 and responded differently to the challenges that the pandemic represents for education and learning, as well. Education as a social institutions is organized in many different manners around the world, reflecting variation in the underlying philosophies of what education is all about and how to achieve goals set. As a consequence, responses as well as realities of post-Corona education and learning follow different pathways ans trajectories. World Learning Summit being an international event with an international perspective on education and learning, we want to highlight this variation in the fall 2020 summit. 

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